June Edmonds
Installation shotinstallation shotSweet 16.IIIndigo MemoryDancing on the 110"I Hope You're Happy"That PartStory of the Ohio (a)Story of the Ohio (b)Story of the Ohio (c)Story of the Ohio:  For MargaretRoyal RoostAquatic PastoralOle'Giant Steps"Traversing Behind"San Chaaw, panel 1San Chaaw, panel 2San Chaaw, panel 3"San Chaaw""Playing On the Line""This In Common""Slide""Slide Anew""Slipping""Slippin' Into Orangeness""Always Is"detail leftdetail rightBout Now"Untitled""Lamb""Untitled""Untitled3""Untitled2""Untitled1""Wait for Diva"As Sunday, So MondayPatrick Spills"D.J.""Gee's Jungle""Really, Really"Ancestors and Grandsons"Gone a Long Way""Blue Apart""Two Lilies of Ojai"Untitled"Untitled"